Glossary for a Revolutionary!

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🔷️ Terms for a Kind/Health Revolution!

Welcome to our Glossary of Terms for a VeKind Revolutionary! Because VeKinds are both nonviolent and nonabusive some people do not understand that our revolution is meant to change the world by being kind and healthy. This glossary is meant to foster better understanding among like-minded individuals and to be instructive on how we plan to build a better world.

For example, did you know that “Carnarian” is the proper term to use for people who promote the use of Sentient Beings? Humans from Vegetarians to Carnivores are all Carnarians! Even some vegans, who inslave other Sentient Beings, could be considered Carnarians.

Likewise, many terms have different meanings. “Vegan” for one is a word with over 2,500 different and often conflicting definitions. These can be found doing Google research. Because no one actually owns the right to change the definition Donald Watson set: “non-dairy vegetarian”. Thereforee, any definition is as valid as the next. Some may argue the Vegan Society of the UK, however, the word Vegan, around the world, was in use prior to the founding of that organization. Conversely, the word VeKind is exclusively defined by the International VeKind Society.

It is hoped this Glossary will bring a better understanding to those who selflessly want to improve the Earth and the lives of Sentient Beings.

  • AA
    1. Sentient Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
    2. The Original Abolitionist Approach
    Memorize the Axiom of Fyuel
  • BROW
    Barley, Rye, Oats. and Wheat (Grain with Gluten)
  • Carnarian and Carnarianism
    1. Carn + arian – a portmanteau:
    Carn” (Carne) refers to “of the flesh” (like milk or eggs or flesh itself ) and
    arian” a suffix meaning “to promote or advocate”.
    2. to promote and advocate the use of Sentient Beings, or animal products, to benefit humans.
    3. carnarian is a label carnarians invented and applied to themselves. (Like a vegan invented the word vegan!)
    4. examples of carnarians include Vegetarian, Pegan, Vegans who enslave, abuse, or exploit humans (like DxN or PeTA) Palio, fake-Vegans (who buy meat to feed their pet cats), Primal, Veggan, and many others including Vegans who use the abusive and derogatory terms Carnism and Carnist. In their own words compare Carnism with Carnarianism.
    (Note: we do not promote these.)
  • Carnism and Carnist
    1. derogatory terms used by some fake-vegans.
    2. terms invented by a vegan to demean, degrade and insult people with a different view.
    3. terms intended to raise money and sell books of the author.
    4. VeKinds are “most of all kind” and do not use these offensive terms.
    see Carnarian.
  • Carnivore
    1. an animal that will die without eating meat.
    2. an animal that eats only meat, or the flesh of animals.
    see Carnarian.
  • Carnivore Diet
    1. an unhealthy human diet of only animal flesh.
    2. humans fail to thrive eating only flesh.
    see Carnarian.
  • CRAP
    Calorie Rich And Processed
    (~ Jeff Novick ~)
  • DOA
    1. Durian, Olives, or Avocado (high-fat fruit)
    2. Dead On Arrival
  • DEB
    Dairy, Eggs, and Bacon (or other processed meats)
  • DxN
    1. “Direct Action Everywhere”
    2. a vegan cult.
    see Carnarian.
  • EA
    Animal Agriculture
    see Exploitation Agriculture
  • ED
    Erectile Dysfunction
  • ED
    Eating Disorder
  • EDI
    Endothelial Dysfunction and Inflammation (EDI).”
    (AKA: Picotoxima)
  • EPAG/ePag
    “Eat Plants As Grown!
    (Pop VeKind ~ October 1980)
  • Exploitation Agriculture
    Animal Agriculture
    Exploits Humans, Sentient Beings, and the Earth.
  • Fake-Vegan
    1. someone trying to cash in on the trending popularity of the word vegan.
    see Carnarian.
  • FISH
    Eat Fish!
    1. Fyuel Improves Sustainable Health.
    2. Fyuel Inspires Sensible Health.
  • Frugivore
    An herbivore or omnivore where fruits are their preferred food.
  • FUN
    Fyuel Ug Nutrition is FUN! (Ug = “and” in Cebuano.)
    1. For Your Ultimate Earthly Life – Optimum Eating!
    2. food that avoids Picotoxins.
    see FYUEL
  • G-BaRF
    Greens-Bean and Roots/Fruits
  • GAS
    Glucose, Aqua, and Slumber
  • GBBBB or GB4 or G-Before
    Good, Better, Better, Better, Best!
  • GLAD
    Great Life And Diet
  • GRAS
    Generally Regarded As Suicidal (safe???)
  • HANE
    Healthy, Active, Nonviolent, and Environmental
  • Herbivore
    1. animals that only eat plants.
    2. humans are biological herbivores. see Carnarian.
  • HHB or Hara Hachi Bu
    Japanese for “Eat until you are eight parts full.” (Stop eating when 80% full.)
  • KISS
    Keep It Simple & Straightforward
    (Design principle, U.S. Navy in 1960)
  • LIFE
    Love, Invest, Family, Evangelise (or Exercise!)
  • MAD
    Mutually Assured Destruction
    Most Military Defence Plans are MAD!
  • MASS
    Metabolic – Associative Symptoms – Syndrome
    Metabolic Syndrome – Associative Symptoms
  • MEDS
    Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and Stuff (like saturated fat!)
  • MIMS
    “Make It Make Sense!”
    (Pop VeKind ~ 1973-09-16)
    Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • OK
    Olla Kalla
    (Greek meaning “All correct!”)
  • OMG
    Oh My Gulay!
    (Gulay is Filipino for “Vegetable.”)
  • Omnivore
    1. an animal that eats other animals and plants.
    2. some humans act like Omnivores. see Carnarian.
  • Pegan
    “Paleo-Vegan” but not either
    see Fake-Vegan
  • PeTA
    1. People for the (un)Ethical Treatment of Animals
    2. PeTA’s logo deemphasizes the word “ethical” by making it lowercase.
    3. PeTa kills most animals (about 95%) presented to its “shelter”, often within minutes.
    4. PeTA took (hostile takeover) the website from a smaller organization “People Eating Tasty Animals” by spending huge amounts on legal and court fees when they already owned the .com version, which now is unused except as an internet redirect.
    see Carnarian.
  • Picotoxins
    1. Pico + toxin – a portmanteau:
    Pico (symbol p) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10-12 (0.000000000001). In other words a very tiny amount.
    a Toxin is a poisonous substance produced within living cells or organisms.
    2. Picotoxins damage the human body. That damage accumulates until it results in Picotoxima, identified as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, liver or kidney disease, etc.
    see a list of picotoxins
    A Plan for eating Whole Plant-Only Fyuel and to avoid Picotoxins.
    see Plant-Only Basics
    Memorize the Plant-Only Axiom
  • Primal Diet
    see Carnarian.
  • R2D2 DIET (AKA: Raw2D2 Diet)
    1. Raw To Dinner 2 (hrs.)
    2. Fixing the “Raw Till 4” Diet
  • RAW118
    Rich, Amino, and Whole Fyuel in a ratio near 1-1-8
    see R2D2 DIET
  • Replacetarian
    1. a portmanteau of replace + arian, stylized as vege[tarian] or replace[tarian]. syn. TransVeKind.
    2. replace poison food by eating a Plant-Only Plan!
    see Replacetarian First Steps
  • Ruminant
    An even-toed ungulate mammal that chews the cud regurgitated from its rumen. see Herbivore
  • SAD
    Suicide Addiction Diet
    Standard American Diet
    South American Diet
    Standard Asian Diet
    Standard African Diet
  • Sentient Being
    1. an animal with a centralized brain and a centralized nervous system.
    2. an animal (including humans) who has all the feelings (pain, pleasure, etc.) and all the emotions (mad, glad, sad, and scared) that humans normally have.
  • SHIT
    Stuff Health Instructors Teach
  • SOS
    1. Salt, Oil, Sugar
    2. highly processed food-like substances.
    3. …—… International Morse code distress signal
    1. The Hidden 12th Code of Dinotopia. (book by James Gurney)
    2. Related to “The Golden Rule” and “Good Karma”.
  • TAIT
    Truth And Inspiration Therapy
    Truly Active Interval Training
    Tited And Illness Therapy
    see Truth And Inspiration Therapy
    1. Truth And Inspiration Therapy Enthusiastic Revolutionary!
    2. “We are Taiters! Do you want to be a Taiter too?
  • TMAO
    TriMethylAmine-n-Oxide – (CH3)3NO
  • TOFI
    Thin Outside Fat Inside
  • TransVeKind
    1. a portmanteau of Trans[itioning to ]VeKind
    2. “Transitioning to Being VeKind.”
    3. syn. Replacetarian
  • TuKod
    1. a NuEnglish Portmanteau of “To Code”.
    2. support or brace in the Cebuano language.
    3. a website to help VeKind Revolutionaries build websites to support the VeKind Revolution.
  • Vegan
    1. a vegetarian that does not eat dairy or eggs
    2. a human that does not consume animal products
    3. an animal rights activist
    4. a contraction of Veg[etari]an
    5. a diet which may be unhealthy “junk-food vegan”
    6. Some humans self-identify as both VeKind and “Healthy, Whole-Food, Plant-Only, Low-Processed, Nonviolent, Nonabusive, Donald Watson Vegan”
    see Fake-Vegan.
  • Vegarian
    1. Simi-Vegans who embrace Nonviolence.
    2. Simi-Vegans who reject cruelty to humans.
    3. Simi-Vegans who reject terrorist activities such as stealing property, arson, trespassing, DxE disruptions, or PeTA campaigns that abuse any Sentient Being.
    4. Most Vegarians now self-identify as VeKind.
  • VeGenesis
    1. a portmanteau of veg[gie] + Genesis.
    2. a VeKind who is inspired by Hebrew (and sometimes Greek) religious scriptures.
  • Vegetarian
    1. a portmanteau of veget[able] + arian.
    2. a diet where animals are not killed to be eaten.
    3. an unhealthy Carnarian diet.
    4. a diet that is mostly vegetation, but may include “the fruit of animals” (dairy, eggs, and honey).
    see Carnarian.
  • Veggan
    1. “a vegan who also eats eggs.”
    2. a vegetarian.
    see Fake-Vegan.
  • VeKind
    1. a Portmanteau of Vigorous, Energetic, and most of all KIND!
    2. a moral philosophy about being kind and healthy, leading to an ethical lifestyle of being healthy and kind!

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