Our Tait Mascot – What is a Tait?

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TAIT (or T.A.I.T) as an acronym for the Truth And Inspiration Therapy. The TAIT Plan is about an Ethical Lifestyle of Being Healthy and Being Kind. TAIT combines and embraces the knowledge of Picotoxins (and Picotoxima), FYUEL, Plant-Only, Sentient Rights, VeKind, and the starter and crossover plans of TransVeKind and Replacetarian. But first, we would like to introduce you to our mascot, a tiny Sentient Being called a Tait!

Our Tait Mascot

Our TAIT mascot is the Tait! (Of course!) More scientifically known as a Southeastern Australian Honey Possum or “Tarsipes rostratus”.

Taits are about the size of a human thumb! They are the smallest mannal on Earth.

What Is A Tait? A Tait Is Mighty!

Although Taits are small, we are mighty!

Male Taits are even smaller than females! This makes the male Tait the smallest mammal in the world. However, proportionally (percent of body weight) the male Tait has the biggest testicles of any mammal (up to 4.2% of their body weight)! OMG! That would be like a 70Kg (154lbs) man having 3Kg (6.6lb) balls!

Tait – Larger than a Sperm Whale

Not only that, but if you compare the actual size of sperm (not percentage) the male Tait has the largest spermatozoa of any mammal in the world! This is much larger than human sperm, or even the sperm of a sperm whale, the larges mammal!

What male wouldn’t want those bragging rights?

The Tait Prowess

How did the Tait obtain his sexual prowess? Taits are obligate nectarivores. They only eat nectar and pollen of a diverse range of flowering plants. When a man considers shunning carbohydrates, he should remember the Tait who gets about 90% of its calories from carbs! And it works in humans too!

Tait Sentence and Social Value

Tait is a Sentient Being (it has feels pain and pleasure. In fact, a Tait has all the emotions humans have! Taits are also good community citizens and work as an important pollinator for such plants as Banksia attenuata, Banksia coccinea, and Adenanthos cuneatus.

Strange Tait Facts

A funny thing about Tait, the “Honey Possum”, is that they do not eat honey, and they are not a Possums!

Welcome to TAIT.Asia
Truth And Inspiration Therapy!

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