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Resource Webpages

This is a list of off-site webpages
that can help you have better health.

Health-Destroying Foodstuffs
The Picotoxins List

Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) – USDA
DRI Calculator for Healthcare Professionals

USDA. Nutrient Data Laboratory
FoodData Central – USDA

Nutritional Medicine Experts
Trusted Health Links (soon)
Find a Doctor, Scientist, Researcher, Dietician, Genius, Guru,
or YouTuber that is getting RESULTS! “Make It Make Sense!”
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Resource Websites

This is a list of likeminded websites
that will help you live a better life!

Be VeKind

For a future release!

Being VeKind

For a future release!


Track nutrition and count calories!


For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!
Picotoxin Free – Eating Health


Every year Picotoxins kill more humans than anything else.
Learn how to avoid them and improve your health and life.


Plant-Only is an eating PLAN designed for optimal human health.


Replacetarian: The Road To Better Health!

Sentient Rights (AA)

Sentient Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
Sentient Being: “A Being with a Central Brain and a Central Nervous System is Sentient.”


Truth And Inspiration Therapy
We don-t want to forget the best information on the Internet!


For a future release!


Be VeKind – Seek Peace – Peace Begins On My Plate!
“Being VeKind is a moral philosophy about being kind and healthy, leading to an ethical lifestyle of being healthy and kind!”

VeKind Society

For a future release!

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