Gallbladder Disease Eating Plan

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Good Gallbladder Daily Foods:

90% of Dis•Ease is caused by what you eat. To be healthy you must change the food.

▪︎ Carrots
▪︎ Apples
▪︎ Diluted Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
▪︎ Ginger
▪︎ Rolled Oats
▪︎ Dark Green Veggies

Also, Eat…

▪︎ High Fiber Foods
▪︎ Citrus
▪︎ Turmeric (tea)
▪︎ ½ cup legumes per 50kg bodyweight
▪︎ ANY B12 supplement
▪︎ Like Enervon that contains B12, OR multi-vitamin for seniors that contains B12, etc.)



Meats (fish, chicken, beef, pork, goat, etc.

Eggs (duck, goose, fish, quail, chicken, etc.)

This would include reptile eggs from turtles, lizards, and snakes.

Dairy (including anything from animal milk from cows, goats, etc., For example, cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. Exception: Plant Milk like Oat & Almond.)

Stuff that is PROCESSED. (Oil, margarine, fried food (except oil-free air-fried Plants), sugar, flour, bread, cakes, pasta, candy, coconut milk, noodles, etc.)

Avoid any food allergy you may have.

Eat truly healthy meals for example, from the “Truth And Inspiration Therapy” or the “Plant-Only Plan.”

This requires 6 months to 2 years to recover. However, major pain relief can be had soon after the above eating changes are made.


There are medications that can dissolve gall stones, but without lifestyle (eating) changes, the gall stones will return when the medications are stopped. Healthy Eating changes work as well or better than the pills.

Gallbladder Cancer or Removal

Gallbladder cancer is rare. Gallbladder removal should be considered the last resort for confirmed cancer only. Many ill-informed doctors still recommend gallbladder removal as a first resort, but this should not be.

Common Bile Duct Blockage

A gallbladder stone that has discharged into the common bile duct and has blocked its discharge into the intestine, is a serious condition requiring action such as:

▪︎ Observation for changes/movement following a Gallbladder Disease Eating Plan

▪︎ Relaxing/dilating/expanding the common bile duct from the intestines to allow the stone to pass. (ERCP)

▪︎ Ultrasound stone breakage from the intestines

▪︎ Surgery

All of these should be followed by the Gallbladder Eating Plan for life.

Note: the Gallbladder Eating Plan is about 90%ĺ of the “Plant-Only Plan for Healthy Eating.”
Everyone should eat this way (or follow the full Plant-Only Plan) to be healthy.

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