8 Steps to Success

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Over fifty years ago I started a collection of Steps to Success. These steps came from famous and successful men (and a few ladies too!) It follows the line of thought that if you want to be a success, ask a successful person how they did it!

Trigger Warning:
God is mentioned.
See HERE for the warning.

8 Steps to Success


1. Have Ideas

Ideas are like dreams, they are not all good ones.

2. Make God Famous!

Give Glory to God for such good ideas and dreams!

3. Turn a good idea into a GOAL

A goal must be “Specific and Measurable”.

Do ONE GOAL at a time. Keep Goals uncomplicated so they can be worked on, step by step.

4. Plan your Work

A Plan is a Step by Step procedure or instruction to accomplish the goal. Make a Plan and then do one thing at a time!

5. Modify the Plan only if NECESSARY

Too many changes make the plan more complicated and Prevents Success.

6. Work your Plan

I used to have a bumper sticker that said, “I’m God’s Co-Pilot” He is the “Pilot in Command”, but I have to work also!

7. Be thankful and grateful

Be thankful and grateful for the success you’ve accomplished.

With God Nothing is Impossible! But people need thanks too!

8. Take a Break

Prevent Burnout.

Rest and Enjoy each success.

After 6 days of work, even God rested a day, and enjoyed what He had done!

Trigger Warning:

This website does not promote any religion. We do recognize that the vast majority of people believe in God. Even atheists could be said to believe in the gods of themselves, chance, and/or the universe. If you are triggered by the word “God”, we would advise you to not read or follow the 8 Steps to Success. Perhaps this is not for you.

NOTE: Many people are reading 8 Steps to Success looking to understand, and then improve their life. If this describes you, if you would like to be more of a success in the things you do, then I would suggest reading the following, which are what I am following:

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VEGANS & VEGETARIANS: Like most VeKinds, many Vegans and Vegetarians are adopting the 8 Steps to Success into their own life of Being Kind.

REMEMBER: It is possible to be both VeKind and Vegan!

SOURCE: The 8 Steps to Success are the main steps of Success taken from over 1,000 steps, and deemed to be most important.

SOURCE URL: https://popvekind.com/8-steps-to-success/

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